Behr & Spotify

The Color of Sound with Katy Perry

Native Foreign handled all VFX needs for a commercial campaign for Behr & Spotify that features several of Katy Perry’s hit songs and what specific color each one of them is. (Synesthesia, anyone?)

This campaign features several of Katy Perry's hit songs, with each song associated with a specific color. The use of synesthesia in the campaign is a creative and innovative way to showcase Behr's wide range of colors and its partnership with Spotify, which made the company's products more accessible to a wider audience.

Native Foreign's team of skilled VFX artists worked closely with the creative team to create visually stunning and seamless transitions between each song and its corresponding color. The use of VFX also allowed for creative freedom in showcasing the colors in unique and imaginative ways, which could not have been achieved through traditional filming techniques. The result is a visually stunning and engaging campaign that showcases the creativity and technical expertise of Native Foreign's VFX team.

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