Camping World

$5 a Day

Native Foreign collaborated with Camping World to resurrect an unlikely spokesman, Abe Lincoln, for their $5 a day RV deal.

A decidedly silly throwback to the 90s with neon graphics and a retro hip-hop jingle, we collaborated with award-winning legacy composers and fresh new choreographer talent to meld the present and the past into an ostentatious yet memorable piece. The absurdity of seeing Abe Lincoln disgusted by modern, chic $5 lattes and overpriced fast food makes the idea of getting in touch with nature and reconnecting with family in the comfort of a Camping World RV for only $5 a day that much more appealing. We did a nationwide scout for the best, most authentic Abe Lincoln and landed with one that has a residency at the prestigious Virginia Museum of the Civil War as one of the country's premiere Abe Lincoln players. Half-musical, half-comedy, this piece drives a simple narrative home, and resulted in a bountiful summer sales season for Camping World, as it was released for the July 4th celebration.

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