All-New 2024 Trax

Native Foreign captured all the announce footage and created rollout spots for Chevy’s 2024 All-New Trax in two trims: ACTIV and RS.

The Trax is available in two trims, ACTIV and RS, and our team worked closely with Chevy to ensure that the video accurately conveyed the unique features of each trim level. The process involved several key stages, including concept development, scripting, casting, filming, and post-production.

The filming stage involved shooting the video at multiple locations including downtown San Pedro and a beach-side highway, highlighting the Trax in a variety of settings to showcase its versatility and functionality. It was a Code Red shoot; meaning - no one was allowed to see the car. We successfully pulled this off filming in public places with the head of Chevy’s security.

Once filming was complete, our team worked on post-production, editing the video to create a polished final product that would effectively communicate the Trax's unique value proposition. Overall, the spots turned out as a success, resulting in visually stunning announcement footage that effectively communicated the benefits of the all-new Trax in two trims, ACTIV and RS.

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