Main Title Sequence

We crafted the title sequence for DRIVEN, a film about Danica Patrick - the racing legend.

Creating the title sequence for DRIVEN presented an exciting opportunity for the team at Native Foreign. The challenge was to capture the essence of Danica Patrick's racing career and translate it into a visually engaging and dynamic sequence. The team started by analyzing existing photographs and footage of Danica Patrick to understand her persona and highlight her accomplishments. They then designed a title sequence that incorporated a "D R I V E N" letter lockup into each credit card, further emphasizing the theme of the film.

The resulting title sequence is a testament to the team's creative vision and technical expertise. Each credit card is designed to highlight a different aspect of Danica Patrick's career, from her early years in racing to her historic achievements as a woman in a male-dominated sport. By weaving together these different elements into a cohesive and visually stunning sequence, the team at Native Foreign was able to create a title sequence that effectively captured the spirit of the film and its subject.

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