Main Title Sequence

We developed and created this Main Title Sequence for the high school drama “Guidance” created by AwesomenessTV and now syndicated on HBO and elsewhere. The story is about an app that is used by the students to share gossip and secrets, and that theme was the through-line for our piece.

Our team focused on creating a sense of intrigue and curiosity, using imagery that hinted at the scandalous and provocative nature of the show. We also incorporated design elements that were evocative of social media, such as glitchy animations, to further emphasize the app-based nature of the story.

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced while creating the main title sequence for Guidance was how to balance the need for visual interest with the need for clarity and legibility. We experimented with different fonts, color schemes, and animation techniques to ensure that the text was easily readable, while also being visually engaging. Through a process of trial and error, the team was able to strike the right balance between design and function, resulting in a main title sequence that effectively set the tone for the show and captured the attention of viewers.

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