Native Foreign created the VFX for this Heliogen anthem film, also directed by our ECD in collaboration with Freenjoy. All of the VFX of the mirror technology and fields was produced in-house by our VFX team.

Our in-house VFX team  worked closely with Heliogen to bring this concept to life, using cutting-edge technology and techniques to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.The film's VFX were a key component of its success. The team at Native Foreign was able to create highly realistic and detailed renderings of the mirror technology and fields, using a combination of software and in-house expertise. The result was a seamless integration of live-action footage and digital effects, creating a visual experience that was both awe-inspiring and informative. Through our work on the Heliogen anthem film, Native Foreign was able to effectively communicate the power of renewable energy and demonstrate the potential for a more sustainable future.

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