Matternet Station

Matternet was looking to create a video they could utilize as a press tool to generate buzz and  effectively tell their story in order to acquire press pickups that would ultimately be viewed by B2B prospects, influencers and investors in highly targeted fields. This was particularly challenging because in order to maintain attention, the anthem had to quickly convey their unique value proposition in 90 seconds.

Native Foreign was hired by, Matternet to create the video and provided highly compelling assets for Native Foreign to utilize within the spot.   The video also had to look sharp and fit Matternet’s brand image. They decided against any founder interviews and moved forward with beautiful cinematography, cutting-edge electronic music and stylized animation.  They agreed on a short-term distribution schedule that was 2-4 weeks with a strong emphasis on the launch date and week1.

The campaign kicked off in the fall of 2017 with immediate results, inquiries about the drone, increased view count, and an uptick in media shares surpassed all previous campaigns online or offline. Native Foreign made a Part-2 to this video in 2020.


The video was picked-up by 100s of media outlets like: TIME, Mashable and Wired and Matternet ultimately secured a 16 million investment from Boeing.


During the pandemic, consumers and brands relied on video as a communication tool, a sales funnel and a critical marketing touchpoint in a way we’ve never experienced.  Combine that with the fact that according to NPR news, there were 4 million new businesses registered in 2020 and they all need content.

The customer (whether it’s B2B or B2C) should be at the heart of your video.  Native Foreign asks their team: “Would this make sense to you if you were meeting this company for the first time?”

Just because you are a startupdoesn’t mean you shouldn’t think BIG.

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