Mysteries Unknown Teaser

Native Foreign was tapped for the design + title work for “Mysteries Unknown” - a show created by PUBG and hosted by Jonathan Frakes.

Working with PUBG to create the title sequence for "Mysteries Unknown" was an challenge for the team at Native Foreign. The goal was to create a title sequence that would effectively introduce viewers to the show's themes of mystery and intrigue, while also highlighting the stunning visuals that would be showcased throughout the series. The team started by analyzing the show's content and developing a design language that would effectively communicate its themes and create a sense of suspense and intrigue.

The use of stylish design overlays, combined with carefully selected b-roll images, creates a sense of mystery and intrigue that effectively draws viewers into the show. The use of cutting-edge design principles, including  compositing and motion graphics techniques, ensures that the title sequence captures the show's unique atmosphere.

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