RVs.com Launch

Native Foreign served as agency and production company for the RVs.com launch campaign which features everyday people finding their happy place by purchasing an RV online. We used all real couples and families.

The RVs.com launch campaign was a unique project for Native Foreign as it required us to not only produce the commercial spot but also to work closely with the client to develop the campaign concept and branding. Our team brainstormed and developed the concept of showcasing everyday people finding their happy place through the purchase of an RV, which aligned with RVs.com's mission to make RV buying accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Filming in four separate locations in just a two-day shoot required meticulous planning and coordination to ensure that everything ran smoothly. We worked closely with the RVs.com team to scout locations, cast talent, and develop shot lists that captured the beauty and excitement of the RV lifestyle. The result was a visually stunning commercial spot that showcased the many benefits of RV travel and inspired viewers to embark on their own RV adventures.

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