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Storyline Online

In collaboration with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Native Foreign has created several dozen of these videos that have collected over 100 Million organic views. Emmy nominated! We serve as the Production Company filming the A-List talent, as well as the Post House providing edit and bringing these timeless children’s books to life by parallaxing and animating the classic illustrations.

"Storyline Online" is a series of videos produced by Native Foreign in collaboration with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. The videos feature famous actors such as Bob Odenkirk, Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Bell, Cynthia Erivo, Chris Pine, Rashida Jones and many more. The series has received critical acclaim and has been Emmy nominated.

The concept of the series is to bring classic children's books to life by parallaxing and animating the classic illustrations. Native Foreign serves as the production company for the videos, filming the A-list talent and providing post-production services to edit and bring the stories to life. The videos have collected over 100 million organic views and have been widely celebrated for their exceptional production quality and engaging storytelling.

The series is a great example of how technology and storytelling can be used to create a memorable and engaging experience for young children. The use of A-list talent and expert production techniques has allowed "Storyline Online" to reach a massive audience and become a beloved resource for parents and educators alike. Overall, the series is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of preserving classic literature for future generations.

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