Launch Ad

Creation of this animated piece for new altruistic dental directory SmileOnU.

The goal of the project was to introduce SmileOnU to potential users and promote the benefits of using the platform. The Native Foreign team worked closely with the SmileOnU team to understand their vision and goals, and to ensure that the final product accurately conveyed their message.

The resulting animated piece is a fun and engaging video that highlights the unique features of SmileOnU. Using vibrant colors and playful animations, the video presents SmileOnU as a reliable and user-friendly platform that connects dental professionals with patients who are looking for quality dental care. The video has already received positive feedback from SmileOnU's target audience, and has helped the platform gain more visibility and traction in the market. Overall, the collaboration between Native Foreign and SmileOnU has been a successful partnership that has helped bring a valuable service to those in need of dental care.

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