Space Needle

Looking Upwards

Working with the Space Needle, we created a feature-length documentary film that highlights the Space Needle’s historical significance, cultural relevance, and recent $100MM renovation.

We were able to interview to some of the original engineers of the Space Needle and had access to Olson Kundig to get architectural insights on the updates. The film went to SIFF, Bumbershoot, and many other notable festivals before finding its home on Prime.

Our team was  responsible for the production and post-production of the documentary, which involved a lot of coordination and collaboration with the Space Needle's team, including arranging interviews with key stakeholders, filming at the site, developing the film's structure and narrative, and integrating archival footage to help tell the story. The end result was a captivating documentary that not only highlights the Space Needle's legacy but also showcases the passion and hard work that went into its recent renovation.

Dive Deeper

Watch the full film here!

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