TG Lounge

Digital Sky Installation

Native Foreign partnered with TG Lounge to create dozens of different visuals for the “Digital Sky” in it’s flagship Kirkland, WA location (nestled at the premiere floor of Kirkland’s flagship  Google building).

Native Foreign served as production company for TG Lounge to create a one-of-a-kind digital experience for the flagship location of TG Lounge in Kirkland, WA. The lounge is located on the premier floor of the Google building, making it a high-traffic location for those seeking a luxurious and innovative atmosphere. With this partnership, Native Foreign was able to showcase their expertise in experiential production, creating visually stunning and captivating designs that elevated the space's overall ambiance.

The collaboration between Native Foreign and TG Lounge resulted in the creation of dozens of unique and captivating visuals that are displayed on the "Digital Sky" installation. Visitors to the lounge are treated to a visually mesmerizing experience, with different scenes and color schemes displayed throughout the night. The partnership between Native Foreign and TG Lounge is a testament to the power of collaboration and how it can result in a unique and unforgettable experience for customers.

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