Everyone's Game

Native Foreign worked with Topgolf to create a campaign of spots targeting various demographics. Soup-to-nuts: from creative concepts, to production, through post, and finishing to broadcast.

Native Foreign's partnership with Topgolf was a comprehensive effort to create a campaign of spots that would appeal to a diverse range of demographics. The campaign targeted millennials, golfers, families, and more, with each spot tailored to the specific interests and preferences of the target audience. The team at Native Foreign was the creative agency, production company, and post house for this campaign - involved in every aspect from creative concept development to post-production and finishing for broadcast.

The process began with creative concept development, where the team at Native Foreign worked with Topgolf to develop a clear understanding of the target audience and the messaging that needed to be conveyed. Based on this understanding, they developed a range of creative concepts that would appeal to the targeted demographics. Once the concepts were approved, the team moved on to production, filming the spots at Topgolf locations across the country. The post-production stage involved editing and finalizing the spots, ensuring that they effectively conveyed the intended message and captured the attention of the target audience. Finally, the team completed the finishing for broadcast, ensuring that the spots were ready to air on television and other media platforms.

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