Erykah Badu VX Jill Scott Promo

In collaboration with Swizz Beatz, the co-creator of Verzuz, Native Foreign created a promotional video by mashing up iconic songs from these two artists and highlighting (then enhancing with a design-forward approach) famous footage of both singers.

Working in collaboration with Swizz Beatz, the co-creator of Verzuz, presented a unique opportunity for Native Foreign. The challenge was to create a promotional video that would not only showcase the talents of both artists, but also celebrate their individual styles and contributions to music. The team at Native Foreign started by analyzing iconic songs from both artists, and then began the process of selecting and editing footage that would best highlight their unique styles and performances.

The resulting promotional video is a testament to the team's creative vision and technical expertise. The use of iconic songs and footage from both artists creates a sense of excitement and anticipation, while also serving as a reminder of their contributions to music. By enhancing the footage with a design-forward approach, the team at Native Foreign was able to elevate the visual impact of the video, making it both visually stunning and engaging. The end result is a promotional video that effectively captures the spirit of both artists and their contributions to music, while also creating a sense of excitement and anticipation for their upcoming Verzuz event.

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