Vivienne Tam


Native Foreign helped put together Vivienne Tam’s SS23 fashion collection, which has a heavy focus on Web3 and experiential. She collaborated with various communities in the space and created a very press-worthy collection. We had exclusive access to her and followed the entire process.

As a creative agency with a deep understanding of emerging technologies and trends, we at Native Foreign were thrilled to work with Vivienne Tam on her SS23 fashion collection. We knew that she was looking to incorporate elements of Web3 and experiential design into her work, and we were excited to help her bring this vision to life. Throughout the process, we had exclusive access to Vivienne and her team, allowing us to document every step of the way and create a truly immersive behind-the-scenes experience.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the opportunity to collaborate with various communities in the Web3 space. We worked closely with blockchain developers, digital artists, and other innovators to help Vivienne bring her vision to life. Together, we explored the possibilities of decentralized design, exploring new ways to create and distribute fashion in the digital age. The result was a collection that was not only press-worthy, but also innovative and forward-thinking.

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