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About Native

We are a creative agency and production company telling authentic stories elevated by design.

We help you bring your brand’s story to life in new and exciting ways- whether it’s creative concepts, enhancing an existing project with elevated design, or lending a hand when things get too crazy.

Our clients will tell you that we’re the best kept secret in the business. We bring top-tier AAA talent at a fraction of what most agency and production partners charge because we’ve disposed of the old inefficient, drawn-out, expensive models and created efficient premium solutions at an affordable price. You only pay for what you need, period.

We have Emmy-grade creative directors, designers, and animators on staff, and oh yeah: we’re Women-Owned.

Rebecca Hamm

Founder/Executive Producer

Rebecca Hamm is an award-winning creative director and entrepreneur who creates content across an array of entertainment platforms, specializing in women, kids, and veterans.

Nik Kleverov

Chief Creative Officer

Nik Kleverov is an Emmy-grade storyteller, known for a clean commercial style juxtaposed with dirty design sensibilities. He is a Ukrainian-Russian immigrant.

Amanda Amann

Executive Producer

Amanda Amann is an EP who has worked with a host of production partners & ad agencies. Her credits include Anonymous Content, Stink, Caviar, Robot Films Saatchi & Saatchi, and Omelet, producing campaigns for companies such as Amazon, Apple, & Nike.

Mitchka Saberi

Production Coordinator

1st generation Iranian-American, Mitchka Saberi, is a seasoned production coordinator with roots in producing and assistant directing. Her industry highlights include organizing campaigns for Doordash, Sephora, Camping World, Dolby Atmos and more.

Hiroshi Endo

Creative Director

Hiroshi Endo is an Emmy nominated design director, visual artist, creative thinker and image/video curator. His credits include Apple, AT&T, Casio, Ford, HBO, LAX, Marvel, Microsoft, Netflix, Snapchat and Space Needle.

Wanjiku Kiragu

Social Media Manager

Wanjiku Kiragu is a Nairobi native, who fell in love with social media at an early age. Her credits include Bright Path Center, Rubylight, and others. Wanjiku has designed a variety of compelling content strategies for her brands ranging from News Blogs and Marketing Campaigns to Social Media Post and Video Content.

Anna Mastro


Anna Mastro is a true creative force known for her versatility and signature touch across film and television that has made her one of Hollywood’s most sought after filmmakers.

Heather Lenz


Heather Lenz was a 2018 Critics’ Choice Award nominee for best first-time director. Heather is most well-known for her feature-length award winning, documentary KUSAMA-INFIINITY, which premiered at Sundance. Heather is now a celebrated commercial director.

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