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Native Showreel

About Native

We are an award-winning creative agency and production company telling authentic stories elevated by design.

We help you bring your brand’s story to life in new and exciting ways- whether it’s creative concepts, enhancing an existing project with elevated design, or lending a hand when things get too crazy.

Our clients will tell you that we’re the best kept secret in the business. We bring top-tier AAA talent at a fraction of what most agency and production partners charge because we’ve disposed of the old inefficient, drawn-out, expensive models and created efficient premium solutions at an affordable price. You only pay for what you need, period.

We have Emmy-grade creative directors, designers, and animators on staff, and oh yeah: we’re Women-Owned.

Rebecca Hamm

Founder/Executive Producer

Rebecca Hamm is an award-winning creative director and entrepreneur who creates content across an array of entertainment platforms, specializing in women, kids, and veterans.

Nik Kleverov

Chief Creative Officer

Nik Kleverov is an Emmy-grade storyteller, known for a clean commercial style juxtaposed with dirty design sensibilities. He is a Ukrainian-Russian immigrant.

Amanda Amann

Executive Producer

Amanda Amann is an EP who has worked with a host of production partners & ad agencies. Her credits include Anonymous Content, Stink, Caviar, Robot Films Saatchi & Saatchi, and Omelet, producing campaigns for companies such as Amazon, Apple, & Nike.

Mitchka Saberi

Production Coordinator

1st generation Iranian-American, Mitchka Saberi, is a seasoned production coordinator with roots in producing and assistant directing. Her industry highlights include organizing campaigns for Doordash, Sephora, Camping World, Dolby Atmos and more.

2 Emmy Recognitions
20+ Telly Awards
Promax, Clios, and more